Mark is a friendly, hugely passionate, highly qualified, and ambitious professional with over a decade of experience. Renowned for results, he is extremely proud of his track record, which, along with writing and public speaking, has seen him solidify a reputation as one of London’s most sought-after and trusted health + fitness gurus. 

Nominated for national and worldwide awards, his journey has seen him revolutionise and redefine the role of a trainer, to offer a service that sets new industry standards.

Mark accounts work ethic and experience as the two most important developmental assets for his now unique way of working and training methods. He has remained committed to continually developing a powerful and diverse knowledge base and skill set; resulting in him working with a vast range of clients.

This diversity of clientele, longevity of the journeys, and strength of the relationships formed have been paramount to Marks success. He views the awareness and understanding from observing and absorbing as providing his most potent weaponry, and being the most precious contribution for crafting creativity that has moulded his business to be distinct in delivery, and unique in it's effectiveness for all ages and levels.

A conscientious and dedicated individual, Mark strives to be the best through acknowledgement that his own success is measured by the success of those who invest into his services. This realisation represents reasoning to both the level of detail behind every aspect, and to his determination for consistently delivering an exceptional service.

Mentoring Method: Raising The Bar.

Marks innovative mentoring philosophy was born from recognition of clients needs, changing lifestyles, and his desire to offer a service which is as rewarding, effective, and enjoyable as possible. It is a bespoke, comprehensive, and considerate way of working that addresses the whole person, every aspect of their health (physical, nutritional, mental, medical, emotional, social) and all elements of their lifestyle (professional and personal).

This attentive approach involves intuitive advice, inspiring guidance, empowering education, and unequivocal support; an accumulation which accomplishes a full range of health benefits, accentuates the results obtained from exercise, and, when required, helps transition through periods of trauma, difficulty, and change. The outcome enables individuals to reach a state of optimal health and daily well-being; where they feel great within themselves, about their body, and about their life.  

Life changing results. Life long education.

Mark's mentoring philosophy is the mechanism behind his innovative training methods that use exercise as a developmental tool. In conjunction, they rapidly define the bodies shape with underlying effects that make the whole person healthier, happier, fitter, and stronger in every sense. These powerful results bring realisation to fulfilling potential, whilst being sustainable through being given an awareness of the body, and an understandable education on gaining maximum benefits from exercise and nutrition. 

The 3 P's: Foundations For Success.

PASSION: We are extremely passionate about what we do, and getting the very best for who we work with. Our passion brings drive, energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment to our job, and passion is contagious, so our clients feed off it, thrive from it, and achieve their goals as a result of it.

PROFESSIONALISM: We value nothing more than our clients time, so always uphold to the highest level of standards for everything we do, and carry an unrivalled work ethic matched with a willingness. We recognise that knowledge is power so continually develop our skill set and knowledge base, and adhere to morals of trust, respect, and commitment; mutual necessities for the most rewarding professional partnership.

PERSONALITY: We emphasise our clients experience to be enjoyable, so create a fun, friendly, and positive environment. We form firm friendships, and take a genuine interest in getting to know our clients lifestyles, because it is an integral part of our methods, and plays a vital role in achieving outstanding results. We have skills to adapt and adjust according to each individual, but remain in possession of key characteristics so that everyone we see feels comfortable, cared for, has 100% confidence in our abilities, and in theirs.

Committed To Beating Cancer

Mark is one of the U.K's leading independent experts in the arena of exercise and cancer. Since completing a pioneering level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation course at the Royal Marsden, he has worked in association with Macmillan and Prostate UK, done a multitude of educational seminars at various locations, and most recently founded his own Steps to Strength programme.

To learn more about what Mark offers to patients and organisations, including Steps to Strength, 1:1 sessions, classes and seminars, please visit our CanRehab page.