Wildebeest Workouts

"The Wildebeest is more than a workout that will change your shape, it is a way of training capable of changing your life; bringing results to the body, and assets to the person."

The Wildebeest is representative of Marks vast experience, wealth of knowledge, diverse qualifications and varied skill set. A revolutionary method, it brings realisation to the full power of exercise as a tool for self development and empowerment, meticulously designed specifically to offer the most complete workout possible for all ages, levels and goals.

Define the body. Shape the mind.

"By paying equal attention to looking and feeling great, the Wildebeest creates the essential ideal for all; a perfectly formed physique, and an optimally functioning body."

The content is a unique fusion of the most effective and influential exercise methods; combining the most forceful aspects of traditional strength and conditioning techniques, with intricate details of movement and functional based exercise, most evidently from Pilates.

The concept is innovative in its comprehensiveness, enveloping all aspects of health, strength, and fitness. The unrivalled range of benefits are unearthed and explained from the foundation of interlinking Transform and Transfer principles, which unlock the full force of exercise to the body, mind and life.

Available in 1:1 personal training, small groups, classes (see below), and as part of our Set for Success digital programme. Contact us for enquiries.

Wildebeest Workout Principles

Wildebeest Wednesdays: A class apart

Efficient. Effective. Empowering.

Suitable for all, Mark's body-weight and "one bit of kit" classes are distinctive in style and substance. Condensed into 30 minutes, the content fuses the most effective fundamentals of strength and conditioning with the finer details of functional training and Pilates, using innovative movements and exercises that help mould a perfectly formed physique. 

The concept is fully comprehensive; covering every aspect of health, strength, and fitness, with the Wildebeest Transform and Transfer principles unlocking the full force of exercise to the body, mind, and life. 

Enjoyment. Energy. Enthusiasm. 

The effectiveness of each class is most evident in the feel good factor. This is produced by the contents outstanding range of benefits, along with the presence of an inspiring teacher with an exceptional repertoire of skills, and a friendly personality that fills the environment with fun, energy, and enthusiasm.

A Complimenting Class.

The Wildebeest method purposely fits perfectly into weekly routines, and deliberately compliments other types of training. Participants will gain empowering education that gives an awareness of the body, and an understanding on how to utilise time and gain maximum benefits from all forms of exercise.

PRICE: £10 per class
WHERE: Fyber Fitness sw11
WHEN: 9.45a.m Every Wednesday