The Wildebeest Workout Principles

An all-enveloping workout built on interlinking principles that unlock the full force of exercise to the body, mind, and life.



Constructed on attention to detail, every aspect has detailed scientific reasoning. This comprehension is condensed to utilise time, maximise benefits, and bring a range of the most forceful, rapid, and long lasting adaptions that wire the body to function optimally.

An efficient workout = an efficient body. This is paramount to gaining and maintaining the most influential results. The body gains energy and is able to conserve it for daily living, and it works hard at rest; becoming a fat burning furnace capable of removing unwanted energy, and compensating for extra calorie consumption.


The format improves the most important internal relationships: mind to muscles. Binding and weaving muscles into compartments creates sustained contractions which best stimulates the muscles to activate and define. The compact nature, rhythmic movements, and core orientated exercises demand the mind to connect into the body; this communication influences the entirety of activities needed for muscular adaptions.

A well connected body means well-co-ordinated pathways that improve energy flow, performance and productivity. The body continually carries and portrays an energised state, has sufficient strength to simplify the complex, and gains enriched motor skills and mental clarity that enhances daily wellbeing and aids decision making processes.


By addressing every aspect of strength, fitness and health, and through a purposely challenging and varied design, comes underlying foundations that present the power of change; altering the state of the body and mind to become fitter, healthier, happier, and stronger in every sense.

Feeling this platform of effects creates a sense of momentum and brings reality to fulfilling potential through regularly being at your best. It presents personal growth by eliminating comfort zones, unearthing drive, desire and ambition. Seeing the effects provides empowerment and development to all elements of lifestyle by increasing self-confidence, belief, esteem, worth, and proudness within and about oneself.


Workouts stimulate the body evenly, address all key muscles and movements, improve posture, and consider the different characteristics of muscles. This gives the body good balance, proper alignment, a full range of movement, and creates a muscle structure and appearance that both works properly and sits perfectly on the body.

True health, strength, and the best bodies, are all built on Balance.A well balanced body not only looks good, it feels good, and this foundation is an essential lead to a well-balanced lifestyle; a combination that represents the key to achieving ANY health and fitness goal.


The degree of complexity to multifunctional exercises, the compact format, and the unique interchangeable format all force the mind to stay engaged with the body. The mind finds it hard to drift, so shifts into a concentrated state, which improves muscle activation and leads to gaining a good understanding and awareness of the body; both essentials for fine tuning the physique and long term progress.

Focus brings more force to everything we do; to achieve ANY goal and to accomplish them quicker, comes from the enriched ability to remain concentrated, clear and concise. It gives control over thought processes and pattern by developing the ability to detract from distractions, and provides input into the pathway to positivity by teaching one of life’s health essentials: to forget the past, not worry about the future, but to live in the present moment.


Workouts never deviate from the body’s “Control Centre”, its most important section: The Core. Exercises target this central structure, and in conjunction with delicate details and intricate movements, it ensures more control of the body and mind. This solidifies strength, helps transfer it around the body, and brings visible results through radiating changes from the inside outwards.

Control brings power to the person. There is no greater gift and no more important factor to health, than being and feeling in control of the body; not only does it shape your physique the way you want, it gives strength and brings senses to the mind and emotions that will help shape your life the way you want.