We warmly welcome people of any level, age, or goal. We guarantee an exceptional standard of service with outstanding results.

Excellence. Education. Empowerment.

We set ourselves very high standards because our service is all about giving an an experience that exceeds expectations. Our substantial and diverse skill set is built on the power of knowledge and comes with a wealth of experience of applying it most effectively, and we possess a proven track record of delivering life changing results and life long education. Each individual we see is unique, so is our desire to deliver a physique and range of benefits that inspires them to realise and fulfil their true potential.

We differentiate ourselves by using the route to physical goals for self development and empowerment, with our expertise lying in our ability to condition the whole person to be healthier, happier, fitter, and stronger in every sense. Our job role addresses all aspects of health+fitness, every area of lifestyle, and our usage of exercise as a transforming tool includes breaking down barriers, creating new capabilities, boosting belief, and increasing confidence. Because we know the true value of it, we promise our clients a body they will be proud of; one they feel great about, and that makes them feel great within.

Comprehension Condensed

Based on attention to detail, our unique methods are both influential and adjustable to anyone, with our purpose being the same for everyone; to maximise their investment. We utilise time by working from the principle of precision; combining our mentoring philosophy to provide a platform of powerful health education and lifestyle guidance, with comprehensive training methods that condense into 30-45 minute sessions. Every aspect is tailored to the individual, prioritises goals, and has detailed scientific reasoning.

Exercise Efficiently. Eat Effectively.

Our sessions are all geared towards achieving a perfectly formed physique and optimally functioning body. We follow a 2 stage "Foundation and Fine Tuning" process, building health+fitness fundamentals and progressing to more intricate detail to deliver a multitude of adaptions that bring noticeably rapid yet long lasting results. 

Our training methods intertwine a range of the most effective conditioning techniques, including Pilates, and use Mark's revolutionary Transform+Transfer Wildebeest principles to bring maximum benefit to the body, mind and life. This is complemented by an understandable and sustainable healthy eating platform which increases daily well-being and improves overall health, with tailored nutritional guidance focused on making easily applicable adjustments that have the most significant impact on achieving goals.   

Balance is Best

Experience has proven our belief that the key for ANY health or fitness goal is Balance. To lead a well balanced lifestyle, have a well balanced body and nutritional intake, and to achieve the optimal balance between exercise and nutrition are essentials for everyone. This is why the underlying theme for our work, and the gift we give to all clients, is to obtain and sustain Balance.  

Enjoyment. Enthusiasm. Energy.

We know that success equates to enjoyment which is why the content of our sessions are always results orientated, but we also understand the importance of the partnership we form, and the environment we work in, so we are all about friendliness and having fun! The 3 P,s (Passion, Professionalism and Personality), our varied skill set, and usage of variety within our methods, means every session is enjoyable, rewarding, and filled with feel good energy. Our presence is not just to improve performance, it is to provide a positive influence in every-way possible.

From beginner to elite, we are confident in our ability to get you the results you want. Start your journey by booking a complimentary session