Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Expert

Mark has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and understanding since taking his first step into the arena of cancer and exercise, which began in 2007 with his client Blanche’s remarkable story. Having completed a Level 4 course at the Royal Marsden, plus a Behavioural Change and Motivation qualification, he has worked in association with Macmillan, Prostate U.K, done seminars at a multitude of hospitals and organisations, and set up his own course, activity group, and website. His commitment to the cause has seen his reputation grow to become of the U.K's leading experts. 

"Mark is a conscientious and approachable fitness professional who is extremely knowledgeable, and very committed to helping patients recover from cancer." 
Marisca Ribeiro
Prostate Cancer support facilitator

1:1 Personal Training

For patients of all ages, levels, and stages of treatment, Mark's training techniques focus on constructing a strong body on all levels, and deliver a wide range of physical benefits, including weight loss and management. His mentoring approach includes nutritional guidance, and creates a strong, positive mindset by overcoming barriers, improving motivation, boosting belief, and increasing confidence.

Packages are tailored to requirements. Prices start at £40. Contact us to book a complimentary session.

Steps to Strength 

Founded and run by Mark, this year long experience is an enjoyable and effective course for local patients to adopt, and feel the full benefits of, a physically active lifestyle. Steps to strength educates on using exercise as a transitional tool to become stronger in every sense. Combining detail with dedication, this supportive and tailored journey is truly inspiring and empowering.

Patients of any age, level, and at any stage of treatment are warmly welcomed. Places are limited, and currently only available to patients in South West London. To enquire and book an initial consultation please email below.

Contact: support@paulscancersupport.org.uk

Consultation location: Pauls cancer support centre (Battersea)

Local Activity Class

Mark volunteers his time for a highly popular South West London activity class which is available and effective for patients of any level or age. With emphasis on a fun, friendly, and social environment, classes are based on increasing overall strength, whilst improving balance and posture. 

Where and When: Pauls cancer support centre (Battersea). Every Monday at 2p.m. 

Public Speaking

Mark delivers inspiring and motivational talks for those affected by Cancer. They highlight the powerful role that activity and exercise plays in helping the mind and body overcome cancer, and educate on how how to use exercise as a tool to become stronger in every sense. Mark creates an informal and enjoyable environment which encourages interaction for a memorable and worthwhile experience.

Talks are available to any organisations, and at various locations. Please contact us for enquiries and pricing.

Cancer and Exercise: A site of support

Following his Level 4 course at the Royal Marsden, Mark felt it was imperative to set up a website to help increase awareness on the benefits of physical activity and exercise. His site has an array of useful links, and includes an example plan with body-weight videos, nutrition guidance, and Walking Wednesdays; a sociable walk led by a friendly and fully insured health and fitness professional. 


Make a Difference! Lead a Walking Wednesday.

Mark is looking for REPS Level 3 (or equivalent) professionals who would like to volunteer 45-minutes of their weekly schedule for a great cause with significant benefits for both patients and yourself. 

Get in touch to register your interest.